In Pictures: MORAVÁK Multifunctional Building in Renovation

A newly reconstructed building on Moravian Square (“Moravské náměstí”) in Brno’s centre to be completed and in use by December 2019. Visualization: CREAM Real Estate.

Brno, Feb 20 (BD) – Last year, CREAM Real Estate began a project known as “Moravák”, which will be a modern, reconstructed building in the centre of Brno. To be completed by December 2019, it will serve as a business space with an ideal location in the city. The building is planned to have 8 storeys – with the first level being used for the purpose of business or retail units, including a restaurant. The other storeys will be for office units. The real estate company has already started offering units in the building for rent.

Martin Jarolím, the director of CREAM Real Estate, said, “We are glad we can present one of our biggest projects for the future, not only to future tenants but also to the public. Our goal is to revive a building that meets the most up-to-date standards and will offer future comfort to the tenants in the city center.”

Although, it is not only to be a business space. Jarolím added, “Moravian Square will undergo extensive reconstruction in the future and Moravák will become a part of a place for meeting, organizing important events or spending free time.”

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