Reality Check: New Free WiFi Service on Brno’s Public Transport

We have asked Brno’s public transport passengers about their user experience when using the city’s new free public transport WiFi network. The WiFi in Brno is currently provided in terms of a 2-month trial. After that, Brno Transport Company (DPMB) will evaluate the results and decide about the future of WiFi on Brno trams and buses. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Feb 13 (BD) – The city announced in late January that the free WiFi would be rolled out at the beginning of February, news which was greeted positively by Brno residents. However, the WiFi network has a limit of 20 minutes and 4MB of data per session, which makes it difficult to visit any website with images or graphic advertising, and passengers have also reported persistent problems connecting to the network, and problems with the stability of the connection when it does work, especially on trams. One tram passenger described their experience: “I tried to connect several times but I kept seeing ads, and before I actually got connected, I had to get off the tram.” Another tram passenger explained: “I was able to connect to the WiFi after two attempts. And when it did connect, I was only able to send a photo to a friend – which ate up the WiFi’s maximum usage limit.”

However, as a press release from DPMB states, “the main purpose of the service is to provide passengers with up-to-date traffic information or to find information about the necessary connections.” The data limit should be sufficient to use DPMBInfo or IDOS, provided a connection can be made, or to use messenger services like WhatsApp.

Furthermore, bus passengers trying to use the network reported better connectivity and a more reliable service. One passenger told Brno Daily, “It was working on the bus on my way to work, after some seconds of watching an ad about 150 years of public transport and logging in. It was valid for 20 minutes, more than enough for my ride.” Another commented that “I have tried it on buses and trams and it works fine. Not the fastest, but good for emergency situations.”

The trial is due to finish at the end of March, at which point the city will decide whether to bring it back permanently. If fully implemented, the free WiFi network would cost CZK 2.3 million per year to run.

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