Council Appeals to Private Companies to Share Data Publicly to Improve Logistics Planning in Brno

Brno Council is calling for companies to share data with the city, to allow city authorities to monitor and adapt to trends. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Jan 28 (BD) – The city is trying to establish contact with companies and commercial entities who can provide data where there is currently little or none available. This will hopefully increase the city authorities’ ability to respond to problems or areas requiring attention using real-time information. The city plans to publish all the data submitted on a public data portal at

In one example, data from a mobile phone operator reveals that around 30,000 people spend eight hours a day moving around Brno without staying in one place for longer than half an hour, data which has considerable implications for urban logistics. The city is hoping to be able to combine this data with data submitted by private transport companies, one of which has already agreed to participate in the scheme.

“Analysis of data like this shows that the traffic load is greatest on the most common routes and in the areas of Brno which are less accessible by public transport. This is very valuable traffic data for the city. I am delighted that there are commercial subjects willing to cooperate with the city and provide their data for analysis,” said Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti), Deputy Mayor of Brno responsible for data strategy.

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