ÍRÁNCI Festival Brings the Best of Contemporary Iranian Cinema to Brno

On 22-23 January, the ÍRÁNCI Festival will showcase the best examples of contemporary Iranian cinema at Kino Art and Kino Scala. Image: ÍRÁNCI Festival.

The ÍRÁNCI Festival, which began in Prague in 2012, will present a varied selection of feature films and short films across five festival categories, depicting life in a country which is unknown to many in Europe, but which is also home of one of the most respected film industries in the world. The organisers of the event describe their philosophy in the festival’s press release: “We know the world is changing, there’s no doubt about it. What we are figting for today may be rejected by those who will come after us tomorrow. But one thing is certain, that some films will stay with us.”

The program (here) will feature two showings with Czech and English subtitles per evening on Tuesday and Wednesday at both Kino Art and Kino Scala, ranging from political thrillers to biting satire to emotional dramas.

For more information on the range of films available, see the English-friendly festival website.

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