Woman with husky at home

Man Who Went to Pet a Puppy Was Slapped by Its Owner Without Warning

Bad luck for all concerned: a man slapped another man who wanted to pet his dog, right in front of a passing police patrol. Photo: Freepik

Brno, Jan 11 (BD) – A 65-year old man was unpleasantly surprised when he went to pet a cute puppy on Wednesday evening. The 41-year old owner apparently misread the man’s peaceful intentions and promptly slapped him in the face. “The policemen walked by just as the dog owner reached out and slapped the older man in front of the fast-food window at the bistro on Nádražní,” said Tereza Kadrnožková, spokesperson for Brno City Police.

The patrol immediately ran over to the attacker. “The police officers saw the owner angrily screaming that no one would be touching his property,” according to Kadrnožková.

The officers separated the two men and, after checking that neither of them required medical treatment, they told to the younger man he was suspected of breach of the peace. “The man didn’t dispute the offence; the officers issued a fine on spot,” said Kadrnožková.

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