Goose on a String Theatre Launches a New Series of English Friendly Shows Each Month

Goose on the String Theatre in Brno will stage the first English friendly show from Archa Theater in Prague on January 15, entitled “Rusáci?” [“Russians?”]. Photo credit: Jakub Hrab.

Brno, Jan 10 (BD) – “Goose on a String is launching a new series of performances designed for foreign audiences in Brno. Every month, we will feature a performance with English subtitles,” said Marie Rotnáglová, PR for the theatre, to Brno Daily.

The first performance in the series, “Rusáci?” is based on playing with various media and a combination of various theatrical approaches. Personal testimonies, video art, choreography, music, and a changing scene are a playground for three performers and one commentator.

The theme of the performance is determined by the question: How do young Russians living in the Czech Republic cope with the Czech historical complex caused by the invasion of August 1968? The show does not attempt another tedious analysis of the events of 1968. It does not seek the culprits in an attempt to pillory them. The year 1968 in the performance is a context for the emotional expression of shared trauma. The stage is a space where memory can be recovered, relativizing stereotypes, destroying clichés, and disrupting patterns. Together to follow the path outlined by prejudices, myths, love, hate, fear and courage.

“Rusáci?” is the work of Jan Burian ml., Jaroslav Hrdlička, Jana Svobodová, and others from Prague’s Archa Theater. Those interested in the play can find tickets online at Go Out.

The performance will be followed by a discussion with the artists.

Brno Daily is a proud media partner of the Goose on a String Theatre’s English-friendly series.

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